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Climate war game: the ‘Angry Red Chart’

Climate war game: the 'Angry Red Chart'

I’ll wrap things up with an image. These two maps illustrate global temperature increases in 2050 and 2100. Much as the “”">hockey stick graph" became an icon for global warming itself, the “Angry Red Chart” became a symbol of the science that was driving negotiations back in the year 2015. It is also available without words. The idea here is that regardless of what we do today, we are in store for some warming over the coming decades due to the delayed effects of greenhouse gases we have already pumped into the atmosphere. Thus the imperative to “adapt” in the  … Read more

Climate war game: Day II ends in a tentative agreement, and chocolate

Okay folks, I’ll try not to belabour the point here because we still have no resolution to the talks and I’m curious about the chocolate confections (and chocolate martinis, it is rumoured, although that’s not really my style) at Co Co. Sala. It seems a little decadent, but it’s been a long day of difficult negotiations. Honestly.  Read more

Climate war game: ABC News & Earth2100

So I finally got around to checking out the website for Earth2100 , which is the documentary that will ultimately house the ABC News footage of this week’s war game. Or at least some of it – there would appear to be a dozen cameras here filming everything that walks, talks or types.  Read more