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Achieving global coverage for science – a workshop

A room full of sweaty press officers, at the World Conference of Science Journalists, eager to learn more about the international media climate and how achieve ‘Global Coverage for Science’ weren’t expecting to hear about powerful and rich PRs in Nigeria. But these sessions often contain surprises, and after being lulled into the international media scene with case studies on outreach to international media by British Antarctic Survey’s Linda Capper we met journalists Mohammad Kaswar Uddin from Bangladesh and Diran Onifade who took us further from our comfort zones.  Read more

A fishy beginning

Welcome welcome one and all to London where the sun is shining and the buffet is, hmm, entirely fish. The event, at the Science Museum, was sponsored by The Norwegian Seafood Export Council. The rollmops were delicious and the company was fantastic – so exciting to see an international array of familiar faces all in one room.  Read more

Journalism: G’day mate

It’s all over. There’s probably a scientific explanation for this – and it’s something I’d suggest the organizers consider before hosting another conference in Australia. WHY is the Australian accent so infectious? I’ve found myself speaking like an extra from “Neighbours” without even realizing I’m doing it. I fear I may be offending our gracious hosts here in Melbourne with my constant “G’day mate’s” and incessant upwards inflection. I think I’m being funny. Maybe I should be at the other convention…  … Read more

Journalism: Feminising your message

The session about spreading science by reaching women and children was an emotional journey. First up was Jacqueline Ashby of the Rural Innovation Institute in Columbia, who presented via video link. Her presentation was pretty positive and discussed improvements made in food security and nutrition by working with women’s groups.  Read more