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Science and nature on TV and radio this week


7.30 Human Guinea Pigs, FIVE. The science of car crashes and goose pimples.

8.00 The Gadget Show, FIVE.

8.00 Autumnwatch, BBC2.

9.00 Visions of the Future, BBC4. Michio Kaku turns his crystal ball to the future of genetics and biotechnology.


7.30 Chris Barrie’s Massive Engines, FIVE. Locomotive engines.

8.00 Autumnwatch, BBC2.

9.00 All in the Mind, Radio 4. Psychology and psychiatry.


4.00 Thinking Allowed, Radio 4.

4.30 All in the Mind, Radio 4.

8.00 Autumnwatch, BBC2.

8.00 Visions of the Future, BBC4. Repeat.

9.00 The Nature of Britain, BBC1. A look at woodland wildlife.

9.00 Save Our Seeds, Radio 4. The dangers of monocultures.


4.30 Material World, Radio 4. Marine extinctions.

7.00 Doctors to Be: 20 Years On, BBC4. GP’s tale.

7.30 Chris Barrie’s Massive Engines, FIVE. Helicopter engines.

8.00 Autumnwatch, BBC2.


3.00 Shared Earth, Radio 4. Magazine about the natural world.

7.30 Will Work For Nuts, FIVE. Alternative wildlife show.

8.00 Nick Baker’s Weird Creatures, FIVE. The aye-aye.


Move along. Nothing to see here.


5.30 Secret Wilderness Japan, BBC2.

6.10 The Nature of Britain, BBC2. Repeat.

8.00 Thoroughly Modern, BBC4. Origins of the snapshot camera.

8.30 The Sky At Night, BBC4.

9.00 The Sun, BBC4. Documentary about everyone’s favourite ball of hydrogen.


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