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Science on TV and Radio this week

Wildlife/nature programmes are highlighted in green, whereas science shows are in black.


7.30 How Do They Do It?, FIVE. The evolution of the mobile phone. Or was it intelligent design?

8.00 HIGHLIGHT The Sky at Night, BBC4. Lunar exploration, the next generation.

9.00 HIGHLIGHT Life in Cold Blood, BBC1. Tortoises, turtles and crocodiles.

9.00 HIGHLIGHT Stephen Hawking: Master of the Universe, C4. 20 years on from his most famous book, the Cambridge physicist looks at how far our theories have changed.

9.00 Bridging the Morphine Gap, Radio 4. Why Indians have virtually no access to morphine, despite being the world’s biggest producer.


11.00am World on the Move, Radio 4. Animal migrations.

3.00 Home Planet, Radio 4.

9.00 HIGHLIGHT Horizon, BBC2. The search for Earth-like planets.


4.00 Thinking Allowed, Radio 4.

8.00 Bill Oddie’s Wild Side, BBC2. Animals that sound like musical instruments.

9.00 World on the Move, Radio 4. Repeat.


4.30 Material World, Radio 4.

9.00 Leading Edge, Radio 4.

9.30 In Our Time, Radio 4. Melvyn Bragg discusses Ada Lovelace, the mathematician daughter of Lord Byron.

10.00 The Big Bang Theory, C4. Comedy about a couple of physics nerds attempting to engage with the real world.


3.00 Shared Earth, Radio 4.


5.20 Wildlife on Two, BBC2. Dragonfly: beauty or beast?


4.00 Life in Cold Blood, BBC1. Repeat.


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