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Niche Prize winners announced

The Royal Institution is leaving no stone unturned in a quest to beautify its historic interior. Rather than filling its niches with the dusty busts of half-forgotten scientists, the RI challenged the public to create something exciting. This Niche Prize, organised with a little help from Nature, has now been won.

The Malaria Lifecycle, by Drew Berry of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, gives a ‘scientifically accurate and fascinating visualisation of the malaria parasite’s invasion of a young child’. Perhaps not the kind of imagery you or I would want to hang on our walls, but highly suitable for a place of science. Note, in the montage shown above, I’ve pasted the six panels side by side to fit into our own bloggy niche. The actual work of art displays the panels skyscraper-fashion.

The second piece, ‘Faraday’s Magnetoscape’ comes from Ken Skeldon of the University of Glasgow. It recreates the patterns produced when you stick a magnet close to an old-fashioned TV. So something I used to get punished for as a child is now a work of art. That’s my kind of progress.

Attendees of our Science Blogging conference in August will get to see the works in situ.


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