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UCL Launches Museums Blog

A warm welcome to the blogosphere to UCL’s new Museums and Collections blog.

The blog will present a curator’s eye view of the university’s wide and deep collections. Nature Network readers will probably be most interested in posts from the Grant Museum of Zoology, a smashing little museum you’ll be hearing more about soon when I visit their new home.

As well as opening to the public, the Grant also makes its extensive zoological collection available for scholars and students. I am neither, but on my last visit I did learn that the walrus has the world’s largest penis bone. It’s that kind of place. Any blog that includes tales from this quirky menagerie has got to be worth reading. In an early post, curator Mark Carnall describes what a museum curator actually does ‘via the medium of a bulleted list’. There are no bullets (at least in Firefox), and the list is more of an essay…but it’s early days on the blog so I’ll let him off. Especially as he was totally awesome at a recent Bright Club event.

Mixed in with the zoology you’ll also find posts from curators of the university’s other departments and museums, including the Petrie Museum (Egyptology), Art Collections (including the world famous Slade School of Fine Arts), the scientific instruments of Sir Thomas Galton, as well as those who handle the geological, ethnographical, archaeological and scientific holdings.

I wonder if UCL’s most famous museum-piece-cum-blogger, the long-dead body of Jeremy Bentham, will be making a guest appearance?


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