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Science Events In London This Week


UCL’s lunchtime lecture looks at how well neuroscience has integrated with other disciplines to produce new insights into consciousness. It starts at 1.15pm and entrance is free. In the evening, Chief Scientific Advisor John Beddington is at the British Library to discuss scientific advice during emergencies with journalist Mark Henderson. Alternatively, the Dana Centre have an evening devoted to big wild cats (free entry). Finally, in a busy day of science events, I recommend you head along to the new Grant Museum to help celebrate its big reopening.


An evening event at the Dana Centre called Public Bodies examines whether huge databases of medical information should be created to better understand human health and genetic makeup. Free entry. Round the corner at Imperial, David Edgerton examines the multitude of inventions created during WWII, going beyond the famous bouncing bombs and Enigma machines. Over at UCL’s Petrie Museum, meanwhile, Greenwich Observatory’s Marek Kukula discusses astronomy both ancient and modern.


Another UCL lunchtime lecture, this time focusing on the use of Twitter for conversation, research and communication. Damn, I’ve gone over my 140 characters. In the evening, the Linnean Society has a talk on British mammals, Imperial College has a lecture on chance and gaming, and the Royal Geographical Society assesses the value of citizen science.


History of Science fans might enjoy a lunchtime talk at the Royal Society, examining the relationship between science and the church in the middle ages.


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