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For those of you following our weekly updates of scientific events coming up in London, you might be interested to follow the Google Calendar we have put together.

We will try to feature all the events we know about that are open to the public including lectures, meet-ups, exhibition openings, quizzes and more, but of course there are bound to be events we miss, so please do let us know if we’ve missed any events or there’s something else you think we should be adding. It’s very much a work in progress – more events will be added regularly and all feedback very welcome.

You can also subscribe to this calendar so that the events automatically show up when you view Google Calendar on the web or on your phone. To subscribe, go to At the bottom left, under your list of calendars, click “Add” and select “Add by URL”. Paste the following URL in:

Any problems with this, let me know in the comments.


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    Andrea M said:

    Dear Joanna, 

    Thanks for putting together this calendar – it looks great. 

    Out of personal interest I tend to keep track of a few events on the history of science or social study of science, run by Gresham College or various university department in London.

    Some of them, like the Galton talk at UCL next week, are included in your calendar; others aren’t. (You can view the events I keep tab of on )

    Do you think the people on the Nature Network would be interested in having them listed? If you think it might be a useful service, it would be easy happy to sort out a way to add history of science events of general interest to the Nature calendar.

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    Joanna Scott said:

    Hi Andrea,

    That would be great – I think our readers would definitely be interested in these events. I’ll email you now!

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    Abbey Mariam said:

    I think our readers would definitely be interested in these events. I’ll email you now!

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