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Science Events In London This Week: 17-23 October

A rather special week for local science: the very first London Science Festival begins on Wednesday! The programme could provide a best-of all on its own: events officially kick off on Wednesday, but there is a satellite event tomorrow with the SameAs space themed meet-up. Do check out the programme: most events are free, but you will need to book as many are already sold out.

In the meantime, there are still other events going on elsewhere: a quick round-up of some of the best.


The British Library hosts a debate entitled Health in the Headlines: Making sense fo the science. Does increasing free access to medical information online lead to a better informed public? What information sources should we trust? And what can medical professionals, patients and charities do to promote good evidence and tackle misleading claims? 6:30-8:30pm at the BL: free but book.

Over at Imperial, robotics researchers ask the rather provocative question :Should we fear artificial intelligence? An IC Robotics Society event, open to all. 6pm, free.


One not to be missed this lunchtime at the Wellcome Collection: the paranormal takes the spotlight as Goldsmiths psychologist Chris French, of Goldsmiths, University of London, talks about his career subjecting paranormal claims to scientific scrutiny and discusses the powerful psychological factors he believes may explain why people continue to passionately believe in supernatural forces. 1pm; free.


The Intelligence Squared debate sees economists Vicky Pryce and Simon Zadek take on Malcolm Grimston and the Guardian’s George Monbiot in the climate change policy debate. The motion: “London’s climate change policy should begin in Beijing.” 7pm: £10.

Meanwhile the Dana Centre asks Synthetic Biology: Machine or Life? with students from UCL to look at how synthetic biology is developing and making us think about living things in a new way.


The two-day Bloomsbury Festival features a packed schedule of events, many of them scientific, including Marcus’ Marvellous Mathemagicians, the Grant Museum’s Tasmanian Tiger and the ethics of neuroscience to name just three. Another one to scour the programme carefully.

You can follow the Nature Network London Google calendar of events in London at Updated daily.


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