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Science Events in London: 16 – 22 April


Monthly bookclub at the RI time and this month might be a good one to go along to if you’ve only just seen this and haven’t read the book yet – this month’s choice is, Litmus: Short Stories from Modern Science. 7pm start; free and no need to book.


A double dose of astronomy tonight, with two slightly different themes. First up, Imperial College looks at The impact of sex in space, suggesting we look beyond telescopes and consider all five of our senses. A free lecture from the astrophysics group, it starts at 6:30 and is free, but book in advance.

Meanwhile, the Royal Society takes a slightly broader look with Milestones in the History of Astronomy. This one promises to be a more intimate event, done workshop style with places limited to 15 as Rupert Baker, Library Manager at the Royal Society, leads a tour through books. 6:30pm; register now.

Back on this planet, Bright Club is back with Evil Genius. You know the drill: researchers become stand up comedians for the night. 7:30 start; tickets £5 and available now.


The brain series continues at the Wellcome Collection with Tony Blair’s former advisor Matthew Taylor talking about how we can use advances in neuroscience to improve our understanding of human society. 7pm start; currently fully booked but there may be tickets on the day which you can register for the waiting list for 90 mins before the event starts.


The Friday lunchtime lectures at the Royal Society continue with a look at Nevil Maskelyne, 5th Astronomer Royal and Fellow of the Royal Society, and today best known as the villain of Dava Sobel’s Longitude. Was he a villain or has this overshadowed his good work? 1pm to find out; free, no need to book.

The Weekend

Hampstead Observatory is still running its winter schedule of observing, open Friday and Saturday night 8-10pm for star gazing and Sunday 11-1pm for sun gazing. Free and no need to book, but all weather dependent, so check first.

You can follow the Nature Network London Google calendar of events in London at Updated daily.


As well as our regularly maintained calendar, you can find lots of other suggestions of science-y events in London. We have compiled a list of some other places to look: we will continue adding to this list, and please do, as always, send us additions for it:

Collections and calendars

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Ian Visits: A calendar of all types of events in London, including science and engineering, with added editorial

Museums, societies etc:

Wellcome Collection: Regular events and exhibitions of a medical flavour at the Wellcome Collection on Euston Road

Royal Institution: Miscellaneous science and policy events

Royal Society: Science, policy and conferences

ZSL: Zoological Society of London; occasional events on conservation and zoology

Hunterian Museum: Part of the Royal College of Surgeons, with a treasure trove of specimens and surgical paraphenalia

University calendars (usually featuring dozens of events per week)






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