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Science Events in London: 30 April – 6 May


The Grant Museum has a fun event as part of its Silly Season tonight: Call my Bluffalo. Thagomizers, trilobites and more feature in this zoological version of the panel game where you must decide which words the presenting scientists have invented. 6:30pm at the Grant Museum (UCL). Free and no need to book.

After the brilliant Science Showoff 7, they are back on 1st May 2012 at the Wilmington Arms with Science Showoff 8! As usual, a host of wonderful performers will dazzle you in nine minutes with talks, demos and general randomness, with the common theme of SCIENCE. More details here.


Reputation is the topic at the Royal Institution tonight: everyone cares about it, everyone pays attention to it and we spend a remarkable amount of time discussing it. But scientists are doing it too and Dr John Whitford will take us on a tour of science of reputation, from evolutionary biology to online activism. 7-8:30pm, £10; book now.


A very well known guest at the Wellcome Collection tonight: author and neuroscientist Raymond Tallis. A medical doctor, Professor Tallis will share his thoughts on neuroscience today, and particularly the limitations when it comes to explaining consciousness. 7pm; free but book.


The Royal Society’s lunchtime history of science lectures continue with “Chasing Venus: the race to measure the heavens”, looking at how astronomy triumphed despite war in the 1760s, while UCL’s lunchtime event asks how mathematical modelling can improve your health. 1-2pm at the Royal Society and 1:10 – 1:55 at UCL respectively.

The Weekend

Continuing with the brain theme, the Wellcome Collection hosts special guest Jacopo Annese, Director of the Brain Observatory at the University of California, San Diego. He will discuss his work on individual brains and one particular specimen which has had a huge impact on the study of memory. Saturday, 2-3pm; free.

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As well as our regularly maintained calendar, you can find lots of other suggestions of science-y events in London. We have compiled a list of some other places to look: we will continue adding to this list, and please do, as always, send us additions for it:

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