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Compare and conquer

Experimental comparisons of methods, technology platforms or reagents are time-consuming and expensive, but hugely beneficial. An Editorial in the April issue of Nature Methods illustrates how such comparisons have been very useful for scientists in various research disciplines. Nature Methods has now adopted an article format called ‘Analysis’ to accommodate publication of such comparative analyses. Broad guidelines of what the editors will be looking for are provided in the April Editorial.


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    Sergio Stagnaro said:

    In my opinion, in any case, a scientific method has to be adequate to the particular, distinct discipline, but always reader must reproduce the experiment in the same way author(s) performed it, so that it has to be possible to corroborate or falsify it! For instance, as regards Oncological Terrain as well as INHERITED Oncological Real Risk in well-defined biological system, every description is so precise that reader can falisfy or corroborate all statements, at the condition, of course, that he or she knows Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics from the technical viewpoint