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Sharing data to advance structural biology

In our May editorial, we highlight two new archives: for raw X-ray crystallography (the Structural Biology Data Grid, or SBDG) and for cryo-EM (EMPIAR). These archives join the long-established Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank, or BMRB (which hosts biomolecular NMR spectral data) as important resources which will facilitate greater transparency and accelerate progress in structural biology.

Note that neither archive is intended as a “data dump”: datasets in the SBDG must be tied to a journal publication and must be sponsored by the principle investigator of the work, and datasets in EMPIAR must be tied to an Electron Microscopy Data Bank (EMDB) EM density map entry.

Though we do not mandate raw X-ray or cryo-EM data deposition at this time, we applaud these efforts and welcome feedback from the structural biology community about how these archives are bolstering community needs.


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