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Nature Methods is 5 years old!

Nature Methods is 5 years old!

It’s hard to believe that five years have gone by since Veronique Kiermer, Nicole Rusk and myself saw the first issue of Nature Methods go out the door. In some ways it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago while in others it feels like much, much longer. But it has certainly been a rewarding and stimulating five years and we are thrilled with the success that Nature Methods has enjoyed.  Read more

Voting for the Method of the Year now even easier

To help prevent automated spamming of the Method of the Year voting we require that anyone wishing to vote be a registered user of . Unfortunately, the regular registration required answering quite a few questions and it is quite likely that some people would rather not bother.  Read more

Delay in delivery of Nature Methods in Italy

Our print subscribers in Italy will unfortunately experience a delay in receiving their print copies of the August edition of Nature Methods. Regretably, all 2,000 copies delivered to Italy were stolen and haven’t been recovered. We are working to have the issue reprinted and delivered as soon as possible.  Read more

New methods in the literature

Our August issue went live last week; check out the Research Highlights section for a few “news” stories about interesting new methods described in the literature over the last month or two. Unfortunately we cannot highlight every interesting methods paper we find in the pages of the journal, so check out some of the others we considered that didn’t quite make the cut.  Read more

Method of the Year 2009 voting begins

Two years ago we decided we wanted to do something each year to celebrate the importance of new methodological developments in biological research, and the people who bring them to fruition. In 2007, it was clear that next-generation sequencing was going to have a profound impact on scientific research. Therefore, it was an obvious first choice when we decided to start selecting a ‘Method of the Year’.  Read more

Recent methods papers from the literature

Our July issue went live last week, and as always, it includes our popular Research Highlights section. Here is a list of some interesting methods papers we considered (which were published over the last month or two) but were not able, because of space reasons, to cover in the journal.  Read more

Cover error?

Cover error?

Some readers may recall that we ran a cover on our January 2008 issue with an error that keen readers picked up immediately. After that experience we were pretty certain that some readers would question our use of what appears to be a common house fly on our current cover, instead of Drosophila melanogaster, the topic of several papers in the issue. Our keen-eyed readers have indeed noticed the discrepancy and notified us by email or posted about it on their blog here and here.  Read more

Highlights of methods in the recent literature

Our June issue will be published a week from now on May 28, and as always it will include the popular Research Highlights section where we write short news stories about interesting methods described in the recent literature. Of course we are not able to highlight every interesting methods paper we find, so here are some others you may want to check out. Stay tuned for the June issue to see what we picked to highlight in the journal!  Read more