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Super-resolution microscopy at Nature Methods

A visualization of SRM papers published in Nature Methods over the years.

On this 10th anniversary of the first issue of Nature Methods it is appropriate to look back at the relationship between the journal and super-resolution microscopy, one of the technologies we have chosen as one of the top ten methods developments in the ten years since Nature Methods published it first issue.  Read more

Light sheet imaging in Nature Methods

It was only a few months before Nature Methods was launched in October 2004 that Jan Huisken and Ernst Stelzer had published a paper in Science in which they used light sheet microscopy – what they called selective plane illumination microscopy or SPIM – to image fluorescence within transgenic embryos. Simplistically put, this century-old technique achieves optical sectioning by illuminating a sample through its width with a thin sheet of light. In the last decade, Nature Methods has published a steady stream of papers reporting developments in light-sheet imaging. Here are the highlights.  Read more