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Biophysical Society Meeting: A patch of déjà vu

Sunday afternoon at the 2009 Biophysical Society meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, I found myself wandering the aisles of the exhibit hall with an odd sense of “high-throughput patch clamping” déjà vu. Every row I walked down had at least one company demonstrating the latest in automated patch clamping instrumentation. Apparently, these automated approaches for patch clamping cells are becoming more and more common since their initial introduction in 2001 and here in Boston six different companies are showcasing their approaches. The systems range from being “adaptable” – capable of patching a range of cell types — to “high-throughput”— capable of patching up to 48 individual cells in 48 wells in a single run in their current versions but with a 96-patch system in the works. 


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