Kicking off

Welcome to Nascent, a blog from Nature Publishing Group’s Web Publishing team.

Our mission is to apply web technologies in new ways that promote the discovery and dissemination of scientific knowledge. Along with colleagues from other parts of Nature (some of whom will also be blogging here from time to time), we are the people who brought you Connotea and the Nature Podcast. We also work on several scientific database-oriented services such as the Signaling Gateway and the Cell Migration Gateway.

But those are just the beginning, and we will be writing here about further projects as they progress. We will also be commenting on various other things at the interface between web technology and science that happen to capture our interest.

As each member of the team makes his or her first post, we will try to introduce ourselves, so let me kick off. I’m Timo Hannay and I manage Nature’s Web Publishing department. I’m a neurophysiologist by training, and now a web geek and publisher by profession. I’m currently based in London and have previously worked in Japan and the US. I’m into the films of Hayao Miyazaki and the music of Shiina Ringo. You can find out more about me from this list of links in Connotea.

We look forward to sharing our thoughts, and hearing back from you, either in comments left on this blog or by email (to nascent at Let the fun begin…


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