Podcast progress

The last few days have been particularly important and encouraging ones for the Nature Podcast, which we began last October and which has been surpassing our expectations ever since.

We’ve now come to the end of our pilot project and have decided to continue the service (one of the easier decisions I’ve been involved in making). At the same time, our weekly downloads figure leapt above 30,000, and looks like it’s going to continue to grow. Last but not least, this week’s show is the first to feature our first sponsor, Bio-Rad. That last piece of news is especially good because it will allow us not only to continue producing the show, but also to continue making it better.

If you’re interested in providing feedback about the podcast, please post a comment here, send an email to ‘podcast AT nature DOT com’, or best of all take part in our listener survey — and give yourself a chance of winning a shiny new iPod.

(We’ve also issued a press release [Word] about this today.)


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