Neuroscience Gateway

Here’s the latest launch from Web Publishing, the Neuroscience Gateway, a free online resource for neuroscientists. The idea is to publish and highlight neuroscience content from Nature and other journals, but also to act as a central hub for all neuroscience and genomics researchers. It follows in the footsteps of the Signaling Gateway and the Cell Migration Gateway, and is a collaboration with the Allen Institute for Brain Research, set up by the philanthropist Paul Allen.

And crucially it serves as a front end to the Allen Brain Atlas–a free resource which provides maps of the expression of 20,000 genes in the mouse brain with detailed gene expression data available at the cellular level. That’s no small potatoes.

This is my first post to Nascent. Just to introduce, I’m Adam Rutherford, the editor for Web Publishing. I’ve been at Nature for ever, but have been on an extended leave for the last few months, initially making a TV program, and then on paternity leave for the birth of my daughter in April. I’m primarily responsible for podcasting here at Nature, and my interests include cricket and extended periods of sleep deprivation.


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