Something fresh from Nature and the NCI

What do you get if you cross the US National Cancer Institute with the Nature Web Publishing Group? Not a punch line (or at least one that I’m capable of coming up with), but the Pathway Interaction Database.

It’s a high quality (and growing) collection of information about molecular interactions that occur in human cellular signaling pathways. All the data is pulled together by Nature editors and rigorously peer-reviewed, and Carl Schaefer (our collaborator at the NCI) has done a fantastic job building the bioinformatics infrastructure and data analysis tools.

We’ve tried to make the browse & visualization features intuitive enough for research biologists who favor digestible summary diagrams of the type often found in journals and textbooks, and we also have some nifty tools to let bioinformaticians and other technophiles carry out pretty complex queries.

Take a look and please help spread the word.


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