The Tripoli Six and the Nobel 114

This is hot off the press: One hundred and fourteen (count ’em) Nobel Laureates have weighed in on the case the Tripoli Six with an open letter to Colonel Gaddafi.

I wrote about this case here just over a month ago, after Nature had published a news article and a strongly worded editorial, and while the reporter responsible, Declan Butler, was recruiting scientific bloggers to the cause. Well over 300 blog posts have sprung up since then, reflecting widespread outrage. Declan has also followed up with further articles and a radio interview. And The Times, The Washington Post and Condi Rice have also voiced their support. But there isn’t much time left: the next (and probably final) court session takes place this Saturday, 4 November.

You can read more in the Nature Web Focus, and on Declan’s blog and resource page, or join the conversation on the Nature Newsblog. Fantastic journalism, and a fantastic demonstration of the power of the internet to bring people together for a cause.

(As it happens, this week’s Nature is a special issue on Islam and science. Well worth checking out too.)


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