A new Nature website on Stem Cells

Nature has just launched two new websites, Nature Reports Stem Cells and Nature Reports Climate Change, which both aim to be lively places for experts and non-experts alike, providing the news behind the science and science behind the news of each subject.

Since I’m the publisher for the stem cell site only, I’ll concentrate on that. Right now it mostly contains editorial material — including stimulating commentaries about the ethics of stem cell research from notable experts such as Ian Wilmut, who lead the team that cloned the first mammal from an adult cell. There’s also the first tranche of introductory material for those who need a primer on what stem cells are and why studying them can be so difficult and contentious.

There are already a few ways in which the community can interact with the site, via posting/commenting in the site’s blog (the Niche) or by recommending, commenting and voting on research articles in the Journal Club. But we are working on introducing more interactive community resources to help the site to become a key community hub, giving information and voice to scientists and anyone else who has something constructive to add or contribute.

Please do take a look, tell us what you think, and tell your friends.


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