Allen Brain Atlas: New features for search, browsing and data mining

News from the Neuroscience Gateway: The Allen Institute for Brain Science has released an upgrade to the Allen Brain Atlas offering improved browsing and navigation and enhanced data mining. Updates to the Atlas application include:

* NeuroBlast, a blast search tool that allows users to easily retrieve a list of genes with expression patterns similar to a gene of interest.

* Easy Browsing and Quick View options that allow users to quickly access and browse raw data and data summaries by gene or brain structure.

* Improved navigation allows users to synchronize raw data images with corresponding anatomic reference plates from the Allen Reference Atlas.

The Neuroscience Gateway, a comprehensive source for the latest research, news and events in neuroscience and genomics research, is a collaboration between the Allen Institute for Brain Science and Nature Publishing Group. The Allen Brain Atlas is a freely available scientific resource developed by the Allen Institute, which provides maps of the expression of approximately 20,000 genes in the mouse brain. Together, the Neuroscience Gateway and the Allen Brain Atlas are new tools to help researchers navigate neuroscience and genomics research. See more details, please visit the Neuroscience Gateway.


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