Nature Precedings is live

Our new preprint server and document-sharing service, Nature Precedings is now live, so please go and give it a try.

For background info, have a look at the O’Reilly Radar, where Tim has been kind enough to post an overview that I sent out earlier today.

One thing that we’ve already added since then (i.e., this afternoon) is a ‘bridge’ from our journal manuscript submission system to Nature Precedings. This allows NPG authors to submit their manuscripts for immediate pre-publication in Nature Precedings while they are being considered by the relevant journal. It’s heartening to see people already beginning to use this (though as I write the system is misbehaving — please hang on in there while we get it fixed).

I’m gathering coverage of Nature Precedings in Connotea. There have been some unfounded initial concerns that Nature will have some special rights to the content, or that we’ll be charging for some aspect of the service. On the contrary, all the content is released under the Creative Commons Attribution License and the service is free to authors and readers. In fact we’re working with some of our partners to mirror the content to ensure it’s long-term free availability (whatever might happen to Nature Publishing Group).

And what a great list of partners they are: the British Library, the European Bioinformatics Institute, Science Commons, and the Wellcome Trust. See our press release for their statements about the project.

We expect to add one or two more partners in the not-too-distant future, and convene a group of forward-thinking senior scientists to advise us on future development of the service. Right from the beginning, Precedings was conceived not as an NPG-only project but as a collaborative endeavour to open up scientific communication. To that end, we’ll also be reaching out to other publishers in the weeks to come to ensure that this initiative works effectively alongside the existing journal publishing channel, which Precedings seeks to complement.

If you’ve got comment, please post it below, go to the Nature Precedings Group on Nature Network, or write to


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