ETech Call For Participation

My favourite conference of the year, ETech (OK, perhaps I’m excluding certain invitation-only ‘unconferences’) has opened its CFP. Wey hey! And there’s more: Due to what I can only assume was a rare administrative mix-up at O’Reilly, I’ve also found myself on this year’s program committee. w00t!

ETech is one of only a couple of events that I make sure to attend every year. There’s no better way to find out what’s over the technological horizon, and to hang out with the people who are inventing the future. I’m particularly delighted that it looks as if ETech 2008 will have more science-related stuff than ever before, from energy and materials science to neuroscience and synthetic biology. So if you’re doing mindbendingly cool stuff in these or other areas (or you know someone who is) then please tell us about it by 17 September. If you want to make an informal enquiry then you can email me:

ETech program chair, Brady Forrest, has more details.


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