SciFoo: The Podcast

Just in case you haven’t already ODed on SciFoo blog coverage — or perhaps you have but a touch of audio will come as welcome relief — the 16 August episode of the Nature Podcast has a great segment on the event narrated by my colleague, Adam Rutherford. Listen here. (If you’re impatient then fast-forward to 21 minutes in, but don’t miss the celebrity endorsement at 1:29.)

As usual, the rest of the show is well worth a listen too. And if you like what you hear, subscribe to the Nature Podcast RSS feed.

AND as an exclusive bonus feature for Nascent readers, here’s the whole of Adam’s interview with Tim O’Reilly. Lots here about what Foo Camp is, how it came about, and why we do it.

Kudos to Tim for being one of the few Americans to be able to pronounce my name. I’ll correct him on only one point: the original concept for SciFoo came out of a discussion not between him and me, but between him and Linda Stone. I merely agreed with them that it was a great idea… then went without sleep for a couple of months while I emailed people to urge them to attend.


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