Nature Podcast reborn

After two years and 102 shows, we are relaunching the Nature Podcast today. We’ve got new music, some new presenters (Kerri Smith, and erm, yours truly) and some ace new features on the pod. These include the Podium: a soapbox monologue (so if you’ve got a campaign to launch, or you simply want to shout about something sciencey that’s bugging you then write to us at; and Sounds of Science, your chance to record some amazing sounds from your labspace or field, or anything that sounds awesome. This week we’ve got Nature’s top dog Philip Campbell at the Podium, and Sounds of Science is the quite brilliant Genome Dub Collective, who have set the Origin of Species to a reggae beat. Genius. Of course, that’s alongside the hottest new research on RNAi, 7000 year old rice paddies, and dinosaurs brought to life on the stage.

The easiest way to listen is of course to subscribe in iTunes. Many thanks of course go to Chris Smith and his Naked Scientists who produced the podcast from its humble beginnings. Thanks also to the Genome Dub Collective for sharing their work with a Creative Commons license.


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