Updates to the UCSD-Nature Signaling Gateway

The Featured Article in Signaling Update this week highlights a Nature article by William Chia, Bingwei Lu and colleagues entitled ‘Polo inhibits progenitor self-renewal and regulates Numb asymmetry by phosphorylating Pon’ (Nature 449, 96-100 (2007)). Visit the Featured Articles section of the Signaling Update for FREE access to the text and PDF of this and several other recent Nature publications.

This week’s Signaling Update also features new additions to the Updates and Research Library sections. Browse the Research Library by date or by subject to stay up-to-date with recent advances in your field.

The Signaling Gateway Molecule Pages database featured pre-computed BLAST searches for homologs and orthologs of nearly 4000 cell signaling proteins. Search or browse the Molecule Pages database to access the extensive collection of automated data available for each page.


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