NeuroPod: the brain podcast

This week, we’ve launched our brain research podcast series called NeuroPod. It’s presented by our very own Kerri Smith, my co-host on the Nature Podcast, and is produced in association with the Dana Foundation.

It’s monthly, and the first show can be found here (but do sign up to the feed:

We’ve got items on cognitive enhancements for making supersoldiers, what fMRI actually tells you, and the hippocampus stress and learning.

While I’m here, this week’s Nature Podcast is a real humdinger even if I do say so myself. We’ve got jets on one of Saturn’s moons, a first hand report on being a IAEA inspector, a plea for journalists to avoid geological metaphors, gene duplication in yeast evolution and how words evolve or become fixed. Where else can you here Chaucer on a science podcast. Plus chat on the very important Nobels and the not-quite-as-serious Igs too.

Here’s the feed:


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