What’s in your

Inspired by that famous Bio-Rad ad, Scientists for Better PCR (more of which Jenny Rohn blogged about on Nature Network), some of us have launched the It’s in my competition. It’s in my is the latest incarnation of the NPG group on Facebook, previously Nurture by Nature – Invaluable info for postgrad scientists and medics. (I did not chose these names.)

Make a video summing up what “It’s in my” means to you, be it: your love of science, your research, your scientific personality or even… funny, serious and/or creative submissions welcome. To enter, upload your video to the It’s in my group on Facebook. Then email one of the It’s in my group admins your details (name, email address, link to your video and your Nature Network or Facebook profile). Your video files should be under 100 MB, shorter than 2 minutes (unless compellingly watchable), comply with Facebook video rules and submitted by midnight GMT 12 May 2008.

Competition entrants must be Nature Network registered users and/or members of It’s in my Employees of Nature Publishing Group, Macmillan or their families are not eligible. It’s in my reserves the right to remove videos that are obscene, libellous/slanderous and/or judged to be offensive. It’s in my accepts no responsibility for the content of the videos or accidents involved during production… we recommend using your low-tech mobile phone camera over the ethidium bromide stained 8 megapixel digital camera attached to the photographic hood in your lab. Rumour has it that the prize is a top-of-the-range Sony camcorder. Judges (It’s in my group admins and other employees of Nature Publishing Group) will shortlist three video submissions, from which the winner will be voted for by the It’s in my Facebook group.


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