Four short links

Stealing a format from Nat, here are some things on my radar that might interest Nascent readers:

  1. Next week’s Science Online London meeting (co-produced by Nature Network) has been long sold out, but for those who missed getting a ticket, or who can’t travel to London, there will also be live video streaming of the conference into Second Life. Entrance is £10 or $15 and it is open to all. SL attendees will be able to see all the live video and ask questions of the speakers. Jo Scott (avatar name: Joanna Wombat) and colleagues will also be running free orientations sessions for newbies. To avoid missing this one too, register here now.
  2. Nature Methods is seeking votes for its 2009 Method of the Year. The previous winners are next-generation sequencing (2007) and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy in (2008). (And if you haven’t seen the video on the latter then you should.) Check out the current 2009 nominees and vote tallies here.
  3. This isn’t exactly new news (hey, it’s been busy round here), but for anyone who has seen it yet, Edge has some coverage of outcomes and experiences at Sci Foo ’09 (including a contribution from yours truly). We also have a short video from the event coming out soon – watch this space.
  4. Meanwhile elsewhere on Edge, check out this report on another wonderful event (though sadly one I didn’t attend): a master class from George Church and Craig Venter on the brave new world of synthetic genomics.


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