Demo Web Clients for OpenSearch


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[Update – 2009.10.05: This post (2. Clients) is one of three. See also: 1. Service, 3. Widgets.]

The previous post described the OpenSearch service. Prior to that I posted on our new desktop widgets which use one of the XML interfaces – specifically the RSS feed.

Here we wanted to also show what can be done in the browser itself. We’ve created a small gallery of demo clients which all use the text-based JSON interface (or rather JSONP for cross-site scripting purposes). You can find the demos here:

These demo apps show how the JSON interface can be used to build very simple web clients for search. They make use of an early OpenSearch JavaScript library which has classes for OpenSearch and SRU responses. The demos show how to link back to the platform (using the DOI), how to locate metadata properties, how to use OpenSearch links for pagination, how to compare OpenSearch and SRU views, how to extract RDF triples, etc. They are simply intended to show how easy it is to access search remotely. We hope you find them fun to use.


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