The Future Is A Foreign Country

The Future Is A Foreign Country

Earlier this month I gave a talk at the ‘Science in the 21st Century’ meeting at the Perimeter Institute in Ontario and a couple of days later at the ALPSP International Conference 2008. They were basically the same talk, though one was tailored for scientists and the other for publishers. Some people were kind enough to say that they enjoyed it, so I’m posting my notes and slides here. This isn’t exactly what I said because I tend to deviate a bit from my script, but the gist of it is the same.  Read more

A book publisher’s manifesto for the 21st century

Sara Lloyd from Pan Macmillan (one of Nature’s sister companies) is serializing on The Digitalist blog an article that she wrote for Library Trends, ‘A book publisher’s manifesto for the 21st century’. I’ve already had the pleasure of seeing the whole thing, and can only say that you should definitely read it.  Read more

Brain-enhancing drugs

There’s a great discussion going on at Nature Network about the opportunities and risks of brain-enhancing drugs. And Nick Bostrom from the University of Oxford has a great “PODium” opinion piece in the latest Nature Podcast (audio|transcript). Do listen to the whole show, but if you’re in a hurry to hear Nick’s bit then skip to 19’30”.  Read more