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SciFoo: Sunday

Science Foo Camp wrapped up yesterday after what felt like a very short, very intense time. There was some more amazing sessions in the morning, but apart from one in which I presented a brief segment on Nature’s activities in Second Life (on which more another time), I missed them all. Instead I spent the time outside the conference rooms meeting people whom I had promised myself that I would speak with before they went home (for exmaple, one of the guys from the excellent OpenWetWare project). Such are the constant dilemmas of fascination that characterised the whole event.  Read more

Science Foo Camp

Science Foo Camp

I’m about to climb on a plane to travel to what I expect will be the most amazing scientific meeting I’ve ever attended. What would be your ideal scientific conference? It’s a thought game I’ve sometimes played. Naturally, some of the most amazing minds on the planet would be there. Lots of them, but not so many that you might not hear or speak to most of them — around 200, say. And what about the topic? There are just too many interesting subjects to choose from, so my perfect meeting wouldn’t have a theme as such: the topics would  … Read more

Data Webs

Last week I went to an Oxford meeting of participants in a project called BioImageWeb. This brings together scientists, developers, librarians, publishers and others with the aim of making it much easier to reliably find scientific images online. It’s still early days, but I think this initiative is already showing promise.  Read more