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    Tim Fieblinger said:

    The Eurodoc survery revealed some interesting findings. Most strikingly the switch in the perception which effect gender has on the academic career – with males feeling disadvantages to an higher extend than females. This may look counter-intuitive prima facie, however, it matches personal experiences and anecdotes perceived over the last years.

    One caveat of the study may be that there was no differentiation of the field of research, which may have an influence on the given results.

    A little bit confusing are the answers to E11 concerning obligatory military service, which have been even answered by female doctorates in why country no military service is required. Surprisingly almost all participants reported military service being an extremly high obstacle for starting doctoral studies. The results create the foggy feeling that something did go wrong with the aquisition or analyzing of these data.

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    Sunita Bhargavi said:

     Dear Rachel


    The EURODOC survey performed has highlighted very very important pros and cons during DOCTORAL STUDY.

             The point that men feel disadvantageous to higher academic career is quite debating as it moves differently with each individual, subject and background. But if asked, I feel that they are more fortunate enough to do better research either single or with a family. This I am saying it after I have gone through the research journey along with my family.

    The other point I felt it important was PRODUCTIVITY. Yes, I agree that less time is spent on writing and awareness on peer- reviewed publications. This again depends on guide/supervisor interest, topic of research and lastly student’s curiosity and enthusiasm in writing what is done and how to interpret the results. I strongly believe that, peer- reviewed articles are necessary to generate for quality research and thats not very easy.

    I conclude saying that still more info can be gathered, analysed and interpreted and all researchers can be educated with important points and missing areas to be considered during research.