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    ibtisam freij said:

    Sheik Abdul-Aziz Ibn Baaz never claimed that the Earth is flat. This information is wrong and could be due to false translation from Arabic to English. Would someone please correct that.

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    Natalia Manrique Hoyos said:

    I know about this one: Arab Biomedical Publications (abp) is an initiative to promote biomedical and life science publications from scientists based in Arab countries. The project aims to announce publications periodically via this blog website and through the abp twitter account.

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    Emad I. M. Khater said:

    What is your advice to be a good blogger?
    Best wishes

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    selma amles said:

    The challenging field of scientific journalism and authoring is shyly implemented in the MENA region, and usually goes up exponentially with the growth of the economy. In addition to many other reasons, and considering the dominance of English as a universal language of science, English blogging networks are generally numerous comparing to the French nets. Therefore, in areas such as North Africa (where I am from), although, many scientists participate actively in forums and scientific discussions, their participation remains poor comparing to their peers in the rest of the world.
    Regarding the statement about Sheikh Ibn Baaz, this is outrageously wrong. He never asserted that earth is flat and condemned whoever said so. Reliable references stating the erroneous information exist in Arabic, and express the conspiracy of some media (