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    Wales P. Nematollahi said:

    What this article sadly says is that supply exceeds demand when it comes doctoral scientists (PhD, ScD, etc.) and positions for them. In the USA it’s been that way in science since about 1992. Unfortunately there is no incentive for faculty who lack integrity to reduce the number of grad. students and post-docs. That would not further their fame. I have read that this is competition so that employers can get the very best. I consider that to be a self-serving excuse for social Darwinism that shows a contempt for what happens to one’s students and pst-docs. So much for being a mentor if you hold that view.

    At this time I can not recommend that someone pursue the PhD in biology unless he or she is willing to take any sort of position afterward. Coupled with the age discrimination so rampant in U.S. academia, I recommend that anyone over 30 consider instead professional certification, such as for Medical Technology, or a second bachelor’s degree in a discipline that has good employment and good salaries. Don’t patronize me by telling me that one pursues the PhD mainly for personal growth; hardly any of us are landed gentry looking for something to pass the time.