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So you want to work in global health?


Zambia Hospital

Credit: Catherine de Lange

With advances in healthcare and modern medicine, its often the poorest and most hard to reach people who get left behind. Careers in global health can take you on incredible adventures, and can be an rewarding way to use your science to make a difference to some of the world’s biggest health issues.

What is more, there are diverse career paths into global health roles as a range of skills are needed, from mathematical modelling to medicine. Over the next couple of weeks, Naturejobs will be travelling to Zambia with the International Reporting Project to speak to people working on the front-line of global health, to discover what those jobs involve, what kinds of issues they are working on, what skills are needed, and to find out what it’s like working often far from home on some of the most complex and intractable issues in public health. Not all jobs are on the front-line though, so we’ll also be looking at ways to work on global health nearer to home.

The series will be kicking off later today, when we speak to entomologist Jennifer Stevenson, who has travelled the world to work on new methods for controlling malaria.

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