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    John Tuttle said:

    It is interesting to me that none of the articles that I have seen on this blog about achieving a work/life balance are written by PIs. They seem to be exclusively written by young students. Hearing the experience of a successful faculty member who was able to balance their work with a life outside of the lab would be much more informative.

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    alexander bontempo said:

    Thank you Susan for you apportation. I’ m close to start with a post doc an i’m quite worry about the possibility to find the right balance you talk about. Sometimes i feel unliky to be a person who enjoy a wide range of activities outside the profesional setting. I would like to have just work intrests so to work all day without feel guilt and be awarded for my hyper work disposition. Unfortunatelly is not so….i love paint, shodo walk with my dog see movies or just stay in silence with myself.
    I don’t know how to talk about this need with my PI without generate a bad feeling about me….but i neither want to feel frustrated and unhappy realizing i’m not dedicating time to all my intrests…
    If you have suggestion to manage this difficult issue i’m happy to hear.