1. Martina Puppi said:

    Hello! Is it possible to participate as a recently graduated student — even if I will be not formally enrolled in another university course by October?

    1. Amy Bourke said:

      Hi Martina, I’m afraid not, sorry – but do keep an eye out as we may run a similar competition next year if this is successful!


    Hello! Is it mandatory to be associated with an educational insititute to take part in this competition? I was working as a post doctoral fellow till last December (currently not affiliated with any University or Institute) and would like to participate.

    1. Amy Bourke said:

      Dear Anupriya,

      I’m afraid not, you do have to be currently enrolled.

      Kind regards


  3. Samuel Van Ransbeeck said:


    I just finished my PhD and I am awaiting my viva. Does that count as still being a student and can I enter the competition? From September on I will be a research intern at the Open University in Milton Keynes as well.

    Yours sincerely

  4. Maria Valente said:

    Hello! Must the answer be strictly 600 words or they can be up to 600?
    Thank you


  5. Samuel Van Ransbeeck said:

    I just sent in my entry but Julie Gould, the editor is out of the office until September 14th. Should I send it to a different address instead?

    1. Maria Valente said:

      Good morning, I sent my contribution yesterday and I had your same problem. Did you receive any answer?
      All the best,


      1. Samuel Van Ransbeeck said:

        No answer unfortunately. Lets hope something comes out the 14th.

        1. Amy Bourke said:

          Dear all,

          We have received all of your submissions. Thank you for entering. You’ll hear from us over the next couple of weeks.

          Best wishes
          Amy Bourke-Waite

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  6. Nevena Hristozova said:

    Have the winners been announced already? I guess so – it’s been a month already. Are their texts available to read somewhere?