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    Pieter Torrez said:

    I think there should be a drastic change in science communication, we need to use much more visuals to express the results/questions of research more clearly and easy to understand. We also need to increase interdisciplinary research and close the gap between scientists and the general public. I am currently setting up a business to improve science communication by using graphic design programs (marine biologist from Belgium)

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    Biswapriya Biswavas Misra said:

    On the hindsight, and also being a researcher, do the ‘public want to be informed’ ? Do they have time, scope, need, curiosity to learn as to what the scientists are doing on the benches in universities, laboratories, institutions and industries day in and day out ? How to assess what public needs and which section of the public (school goes, students, colleagiates, and who else?) want information? I feel that public is loaded with so much of information from social networking, iPhones, laptops, gadgets and so much information on simple Googling, the scientist’s/ researchers are left with very little to do!!! And why would be public interested to know the story behind (even though it is their own tax money in each country!) say “XYZ protein interacts with MNL drug to cause KYH disease as obtained from Ridicul-OMICS studies”!!! I mean, how many would be interested in it, and try to decipher or visualize things?