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    Gina Maffey said:

    It is so comforting to read of someone else going through such a similar experience. Since finishing my PhD I have worked both in academia and science communication. I am reluctant to leave research, for the reasons Virginia describes, and also because I enjoy it. Sitting in both camps though can sometimes lead to too many balls in the air at one time, and equally gaps that are seemingly unproductive. Great pieces of advice, all the best with pursuing the long term goals!

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    Keila Knobel said:

    Virginia, thank you so much for your post! I’ve been through the same unwanted (at least so far) life change, it is really hard. I’ve been even embarrassed to talk about it! You probably know the felling… But you broke this barrier, and reading your post gave me some comfort and hope. Keep us updated on your new pathway, ok?

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      Virginia Schutte said:

      Thanks for reading, Keila! I definitely understand the embarrassment and can imagine that it would be much harder if it were unwanted change. I’m glad that the piece reminded you that you aren’t the only one going through this and hope you find other sources of comfort and hope as you progress. Good luck on your journey!!

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    Phillip Bar said:

    Great compelling story! I’m glad that more and more people are breaking the pervasive code of silence in academia. I’ve had a similar experience and the good news is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Best of luck in you next venture!

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    Simran Bhullar said:

    Hello Virginia,
    Hats off! I have been working in acdemia for too long now, first sa a PhD scholar and now as a post-doc. As every researcher, I also do not believe I know anything else or anything better. Even when I am not working on bench like, when writing some article, I get withdrawal symptoms, that is how much addicted I am to my work. And the honest part is I love it, but the bitter truth is yes, there are not many positions and I may not have a chance to get a position.
    But thank you for sharing your views, I wish I also get that courage to make the move.

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      Virginia Schutte said:

      Good luck, Simran! If you decide that what you really want is to transition out, then I hope it goes well for you!