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    Mahankhali Chary said:

    Struggle for existence is an ever ending process and the nature chooses strongest, fittest and luckiest to live. Though the fortunate may survive in this world but the economically wise, hardworking and consistent people will excel in their lives.

    Nowadays people are getting good salaries for their employment. However the rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer because lack of financial education. Current education system throughout the world still following the ancient method of teaching and producing employees rather than employer. Finance management education will definitely makes a vast difference in individual as well as society because an economically sound knowledge person may become an entrepreneur and create jobs to the unemployed people.

    In addition consistency will play a big role in success of individual as well as society because updated technology and hardworking only will exist for long period. For example some television maker companies have vanished from the market. Similarly photo printing and old method photo camera industry almost disappeared from the market due to lack of technology innovation and upgradation. Nonetheless desk-top computers makers are struggling to withstand in the market because of change in market. On the other hand electronic tablets, laptops, LCD televisions, smartphones are doing better in current market.

    Nature may allow the physically strong and luckiest people to live but the financially wise, consistently hardworking people will survive for ever. Moreover education without financial vision and technical up-gradation will vanish from nature in a short period.