1. Gautam Menon said:

    Just to say that I enjoyed your article in Nature Jobs recently. I think what you’ve highlighted is important for us in Indian institutions to address, both on grounds of fairness as well as to ensure that candidates are not disadvantaged by essentially arbitrary rules.

    Gautam Menon
    The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

    1. Farah Ishtiaq said:

      Dear Dr Menon: Thanks. I have received an overwhelming response to this article. I glad that many agree to this and I hope we can make a difference by changing this arbitrary rule.

  2. Ratna Ghosal said:

    Nice article, represents the scenario of Indian academia. Raises many questions about Indian science, and how fair is the faculty selection process in Indian institutes.

    Ratna Ghosal

    University of Minnesota, St Paul

    1. Farah Ishtiaq said:

      I am glad to you took the trouble to write the response and it’s good see it. Many thanks

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