1. debatosh das said:

    Dear Grace,
    A very inspiring post and very well written. However, could you also give us inputs of how you approached transition from a doctorate in neuroscience to being a data scientist such as courses or certifications which you acquired? Give the large qualification requirements for data science jobs, I wonder what is needed really to make such a transition. I am, myself, doing a postdoctorate in plant genomics and want to move to a job with genomics data science but articles are divisive over the suitability of MOOCs in providing you with the required qualifications. I have adequate skills in R for statistical and computational analysis and recently worked with bioinformatics pipelines in Galaxy and bash Linux using Conda for NGS analysis. I am trying to improve upon my knowledge in these but need some inputs on how to approach right courses for making the job switch. What would you suggest? Thank you.

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