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Women in science: patriarchy, leaky pipelines, and the “two body problem”

In the June 2018 Naturejobs podcast we focus on women in science. Aashima Dogra and Nandita Jayaraj tell Harini Barath about Life of Science, the website they created to celebrate female scientists in India and highlight some of the career barriers they face.  Also, stem cell researcher Cristina LoCelso describes the importance of mentoring, hobbies, work-life balance, and strong family networks after becoming the first woman to be awarded the prestigious Foulkes Foundation Medal by the UK Academy of Medical Sciences. And finally, Nana Lee, assistant professor in biochemistry at the University of Toronto, Canada, gives us her three top tips about career transitions between academia and industry, and how best to accommodate family life.

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Julie Gould (@JuliePCGould) is a freelance science writer and podcast producer.




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