Free online access to Nature Reviews Microbiology in March

Nature Publishing Group is offering free online access to the entire March issue of Nature Reviews Microbiology. The journal has the highest impact factor, 13.989, of any monthly microbiology review journal, so do check it out. Reviews in the March issue include: “The antibiotic resistome: the nexus of chemical and genetic diversity” by Gerard D. Wright; “The road to chromatin – nuclear entry of retroviruses” by Youichi Suzuki and Robert Craigie; “Virus trafficking – learning from single-virus tracking” by Boerries Brandenburg and Xiaowei Zhuang; “Microfabrication meets microbiology” by Douglas B. Weibel, Willow R. DiLuzio and George M. Whitesides; and “Cannibalism and fratricide: mechanisms and raisons d’etre” by Jean-Pierre Claverys and Leiv S. Havarstein.


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