A doctoral thesis is not “prepublication”

Q: Message: Dear Editor(s),

Regarding the “duplicate publication” policy: Does a doctoral thesis count as “previously published”? i.e., can I submit work that was part of my doctoral thesis?



A: Dear MR

No, a doctoral thesis does not count as “previously published” and yes, you can submit work that was part of your thesis, with an appropriate citation.

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    Mark Richter said:

    Along these same lines, would a student journal published ‘on-campus’ qualify as pre-published? We’re starting a journal for our Honors College to highlight student research. Research we still want to publish in the scientific literature.

    I doubt the journal will have much circulation outside the university, though we may also put it on-line.



    Maxine replies: Publication in an online and/or print student campus newsletter does not count as prior publication and does not compromise consideration by the Nature journals.

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