Free online access to Nature Reviews Neuroscience for May

Nature Reviews Neuroscience is the no. 1 monthly review journal in neuroscience, with an impact factor of 20.951. In May, online access to the entire issue is free. Reviews include:

Transcriptional regulation of vertebrate axon guidance and synapse formation

Franck Polleux, Gulayse Ince-Dunn & Anirvan Ghosh

Drosophila olfactory memory: single genes to complex neural circuits

Alex C. Keene & Scott Waddell

Epigenetic regulation in psychiatric disorders

Nadia Tsankova, William Renthal, Arvind Kumar & Eric J. Nestler

Cell cycle regulation in the postmitotic neuron: oxymoron or new biology?

Karl Herrup & Yan Yang

Binocular depth perception and the cerebral cortex

Andrew J. Parker

To read these articles, and the rest of the content of the May issue, please visit the journal website.


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