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Nature China conference on “how to get published”

From the editors of Nature China: Join some of the Nature journal editors for a day of presentations on “how to publish in Nature journals”. The meeting is on 11 June at the Shanghai Information Center for Life Sciences Hall, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Registration is free. The line-up includes: David Swinbanks, Publishing Directorof Nature Publishing Group; Philip Campbell, Editor in Chief of Nature;Terry Sheppard, Chief Editor of Nature Chemical Biology; Rachel Won, an Associate Editor of Nature Photonics; Felix Cheung, Associate Editor of Nature China; and Xiaolin Zhang, head of AstraZeneca Innovation Center, China.  Read more

Science in virtual worlds

If you are in striking distance of London on the evening of Tuesday 19 June and want to find out more about this Second Nature in Second Life that you keep reading and hearing about, then please attend a free event, “”″>Science in Virtual Worlds“, in association with the Royal Institution and ””>Nature Network.  Read more

Update on Live Search Academic

Microsoft’s scholarly search engine, Live Search Academic, has been available in a beta (trial) version for more than a year. Launched 18 months after Google Scholar, it has a lot of catching up to do in order to make researchers aware of it and want to use it in preference to other search services. To this end, it has expanded the range of articles in its index from computing and physics only, to all disciplines. When it launched in 2006, it contained around 7 million articles; now it contains about 40 million.  Read more

HINARI now includes 2,500 institutions

The HINARI Access to Research Initiative of the World Health Organisation has announced the registration of the 2,500th institution to access free or low-cost online medical journals and databases. These publicly funded and non-profit institutions include universities, medical schools, hospitals and research institutes drawn from 109 developing countries. Through HINARI, they are able to access 3,750 journals online from 100 different publishers covering medicine, nursing and related health and social sciences – including Nature, the Nature journals and all journals published by Nature Publishing Group.  Read more

Don’t brand animal-activist criminals as terrorists

Equating animal-rights activism with terrorism increases the penalties for offenders and will please many of their victims. But it is not in the interests of science. So states this week’s lead Editorial in Nature (447, 353; 2007)  … Read more